A day of more demolition

Today was a full day of demolition.  The construction guys arrived promptly at 8am.   After being greeted ferociously by our little dog, Gracie and enthusiastically by our big dog, Monty, and everyone’s butts were appropriately sniffed and greetings had everywhere, the guys got to work on pulling apart more of our home.  Our lead contractor left to go to the city office to pick up the permits and said he would be right back.  The rest of the guys got started putting down paper to protect the floors, and making walls out of plastic in an attempt to stop the dust from infiltrating the rest of the house.  It felt as if we were being quarantined for some infectious plague – all that was missing was the yellow “do not enter” tape.  The guys then started with the symphony of the day – the gently echoing orchestra of men cracking and beating the tile in the existing laundry room, which will now be part of our kitchen.  ‘BANG, BANG, BANG, POP, CRACK, BANG’ and so it begins.  The latter half of the day was spent working on the basement – tearing the circa 1970’s wood paneling off the wall (finally!) and tearing apart the existing closet and makeshift bar downstairs.  I tried to ignore the sound, but it resonated throughout the house.  How does anyone live through this full time?  The dogs seemed a little agitated by the noise, but the biggest problem were the plastic sheets that blocked their access to part of the house.  How annoying!  ImageImage


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