Pictures from the past

Sometimes its nice to get a nod from the past.  As our contractors were tearing apart the walls of our kitchen they came across a gift from the previous owners.  The previous owners of our home had remodeled the kitchen in 2002, and had taken Polaroids of their own kitchen remodel and stashed them in the wall for the next time someone decided to tear apart the kitchen.  So this small little bundle of 9 photos which showed pictures of open walls, insulation and electrical wiring became our glimpse into the long-ago progress the past owners had made on their own kitchen project.  Should we do the same, and provide a gift to the next owners who decide to remodel?  But Polaroids are so last-decade.  Perhaps we should leave a memory card?  A USB stick?  Or a URL to this blog? Just a little ‘wink and a nod’ to give the brave owners a a smile as they embark on their own journey.


These photos from the previous remodel were found within the walls of our kitchen.


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