Pantry and laundry rooms: designing small spaces

Who knew designing a pantry and a laundry room could be so involved?  After receiving 2 separate bids on designing our little spaces, we settled on one that seemed to maximize the space with storage for all our stuff.  First, the pantry – the tall cabinets built to keep the vacuum and brooms tucked away and out of sight.  Room for (hopefully) all my kitchen appliances, boxes of pasta, canned goods, party supplies, and…well, yes…dog food.  The laundry room – simple and clean.  The small square on the right wall will hold a drying rack, which folds down to hang clothes but hugs the wall when not in use – an ingenious little device picked up from Ikea for $20 – alas, our only kitchen bargain in this entire remodel.

The pantry rendering

The pantry rendering

Pantry angle - overhead view.

Pantry angle – overhead view.

Laundry rendering

Laundry rendering


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