There are a few things that can add stress to your life.  Well, OK, there are several things that can add stress to your life.  But among the top are death, marriage, divorce, taxes, and construction.  Yes, construction.  I didn’t set out to add more stress to my life by taking on a construction project, but I was thinking how fun it would be to create a new space for us.  My dream kitchen.  A wine cellar.  A new laundry room (read: closet).  Have I been through a construction project before?  Yes.  Was it a pain?  Yes.  But it was a minor project – nothing like this one.  So in order to document this momentous occasion I decided to write about it.  Hopefully it all goes well, and my posts sing the praises of the construction workers who share their days with us.  But you never know.  The project is quoted for 4 months – our kitchen is packed up in boxes in the garage and the refrigerator is stocked with frozen dinners, easy enough to microwave or throw in the toaster oven since we won’t have a working kitchen.  It almost feels like camping, and I suspect it will be just as dusty.